What is the value of the services we offer?

We help you to manage your risk

1. The risk of injury to children using the play space you provide.

2. The risk of successful litigation against you should a child be injured.

The risk of injury to children

We help to minimise this risk by:

Inspecting your facility to identify the hazards; this is not limited to play equipment but extends to the whole play space including fencing, gates and the surrounding environment.

Providing you with an inspection system that ensures that the play space remains safe over time.

Facilitating any repairs and modifications that are required.

The risk of an insurance claim/successful litigation against you

In the event of litigation the judge/insurer will review many aspects including:

1. Was the injury caused by a hazard?

2. Did the provider have a system in place to minimise hazards to an acceptable level?

Our inspections, undertaken by a qualified and experienced inspector will identify hazards and if required provide the means to remove the hazard. These inspections also advise on the probability and likelihood of the risk and the likely severity and consequences of an injury caused by the hazard.Our inspection system provides you with a hazard and risk identification system over time and documentary evidence that you have followed the system and dealt with the issues as they arise. There are many laws and regulations at all levels of government that govern the provision of services for children. Many of them require compliance with Australian Standards. The main standards (more) applicable to duty of care for children are inherent in the inspections we provide.