Inspection Packages

Our inspection packages include:

Full Comprehensive Package

This package includes:

A comprehensive annual inspection and detailed report by our certified Level 3 Playground Inspector.

An inspection kit and guidance on routine and operational inspections to help maintain your playground.

Advice on or undertaking repairs/modifications required.

This package is our most detailed package and is highly recommended to reduce your risk and facilitate your duty of care. Future annual inspections are offered at a reduced rate where the playspace remains essentially the same since the last inspection.

Full Comprehensive Annual Inspection

Includes a comprehensive annual inspection by our certified Level 3 Playground Inspector, a detailed report including recommendations on reducing hazards and level of risk if any are found.

Annual Inspection

Includes a comprehensive inspection of your playground. You will receive a basic report informing you of the non-compliant risks of your playground.

Group Comprehensive Annual Inspections

Includes a group of 4 or more Comprehensive Annual Inspections by our level 3 certified inspector. We provide a discount for 4 or more inspections undertaken at the same time/proximity.

Installation (Handover) inspection

This inspection is similar to a Comprehensive Annual Inspection. There are 2 stages.

1. Design review of the manufacturers/designers proposal. Where a new playground/playspace is proposed we strongly recommended the design review to ensure the design complies before monies and time are committed to the project.

2. Comprehensive annual inspection on completion of the construction.

Operational Inspection

Includes a mid level inspection with a report to identify hazards/risks that have arisen since the last comprehensive inspection..