Playground Lifecycle

Initial planning and design

Landscape Architectural service from formulating the brief, liaison with the Architect, concept design, final design, documentation, and tendering.

Design Review

Where the project is designed by others we provide a review inspection to check for compliance with applicable standards and appropriate duty of care.


Supervision of the project and/or supply and construction of part or the whole of the play space.

Handover (Supplier to the operator)

Level 3 Handover inspection (post installation) to certify that the play space complies with standards and that hazards and risks are minimised. This includes assessing documentation from the equipment manufacturer/supplier for its compliance, maintenance and inspection procedures.


Routine Visual Inspections: Training of and suppling inspection pro-former's to operator staff . (daily or weekly depending on the intensity of use of the play space.

Operational Inspections (Level 2): These inspections, usually conducted monthly or quarterly require a higher level of skill than the Routine Inspections. Operators can undertake appropriate training at The University of Technology in Sydney or Park Management Systems can undertake the inspections.

Annual (comprehensive) Inspections (Level 3): The Australian Standard 4486 requires that these inspections be conducted by a suitably qualified person. We have the qualifications and experience to undertake these inspections. These inspections are similar to the handover inspection.


Over time the play space, including the landscape, play equipment and undersurfacing will deteriorate from weather and use. We can undertake these repairs or arrange for the repairs to be undertaken.


AS 4486 recommends safe disposal of play equipment including disabling or destruction if the equipment is hazardous to prevent its use elsewhere.